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Minu Pandey

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  • Maintain organized sales records and report month-end goal setting to the senior management team
  • Arrange for creation and distribution of presentations and supporting documents to help sales team generate business leads
  • Support senior management by completing orders and keeping customers informed of delays and delivery dates
  • Attend essential sales training meetings and develop an understanding of all the company's services and products
  • Monitor and organize inventory while effectively tracking new services and products for sale
  • Contribute to overall customer satisfaction by promptly answering emails and handling orders by phone
  • Establish active communication and engagement with sales representatives to ensure that orders are processed promptly
  • Collaborate with senior sales staff in weekly meetings by creating and maintaining month-end sales reports
  • Establish active communication and engagement with distributors to encourage the business.
  • Responsible for timely designing and developing of a computer system along with developing strategies, specifications and keeping updated with the latest technological developments in the IT system.

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