Employee Referral Program

What is Employee Referral Program ?

We are bringing Employee referral program to common peoples of india. Employee referral program is very popular among MNC's and Big tech companies but IT does not work for small startups & companies so we are building a ecosystem to provide the best available talent for a job and also rewarding referrar so they can earn by referring a perfect job fit candidte.

If you are a employee of a company or you are a HR, register now on MOB and enroll yourself in Employee Referral Program and start referring. When candidate referred by you join the job and get the first salary within 7 days we will pay you 15% of the salary of referred candidate.

So start earning just by referring.

How Employee Referral Program is beneficial for Businesses & Companies ?

Employee referrals are considered one of the most productive recruiting strategies. Research has proven that referred employees are the best employees in many different ways: they take the shortest to hire, they are more affordable to hire and they stay longest with companies and have a lowest turnover rate.

How to register in Employee Referral Program ?

You can join Employee Referral program by MOB in few simple steps :

Step 1: Register on MOB

Go to play store, Search MOB App & Download It and Fill the basic details and provide basic details necessary to join Employee Referral Program.

Step 2 : Enroll in Candidate Referral Program

Here, registered candidates must complete the enrollment process in order to generate Referral code, and after that share that code to Experienced employees and Working professionals in your circle.

Step 3 : Refer a Candidate

According to the available job opportunities, you may refer any candidates who are a perfect match with the job description. A referrer will receive 15% of the candidate's 1st month's salary within 7 working days. if referred candidate get hired and join the company.

Step 4 : Referred Candidate must Apply For Job

The Candidate must apply for jobs that are available under the employee referral programme. Otherwise, the referrer will not get any money from the referral programme.

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